Festival Of Recorded Movement
Celebrating the body in motion through film

September 8-15, 2018
At SFU Woodwards Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Call for submissions are now CLOSED

Thank you to all whose who submitted! Please check back Fall 2018 for our festival Submission Call!
We hope to see you at our festival in September, 2018!


About F-O-R-M

Festival Of Recorded Movement (F-O-R-M), was founded in 2015 by emerging dance artist Sophia Wolfe with the support and encouragement of Company 605 on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. It was created as a platform for movers and filmmakers to share and create short films that revolve around the body in motion. Film is a such a relevant medium today more than ever, and is a universal tool being used to showcase movement across all genres. Many athletes, dancers and other movement practitioners turn to film as a way to show creative and engaging perspectives of their respective movement forms. Social media is also being used as a place to share these idea's and to engage with a larger audience. F-O-R-M is a space and platform to celebrate and acknowledge the artists who are creating in this realm and is an opportunity to bring them together to inspire and share with each other and a wider audience. We all have something to offer, and we have hopes that F-O-R-M will build a broader community who share in this common interest and that it can be a place to explore, discover, learn and grow our artistic voices. Now moving into the third year of the festival, we include workshops, events and jam sessions throughout the year leading up to our festival dates. If you have any questions or are curious to learn more about what we do, please do not hesitate to send us a message

We are a Vancouver-based festival, and encourage National and International applications.

F-O-R-M presents films that deliver strong imagery of the human body in motion, explore the limitlessness of our physical capacity both creatively and athletically, and offer a sense of choreographic investigation between camera and movement, regardless of form. We program unique and diverse films from around the globe.  In addition, we are looking for innovative concepts, exceptional camerawork and cinematography, experimental editing styles and post-production effects that bring added layers to the subject matter. We encourage and support applications by/and/or featuring artists of all body types and physical abilities as well as indigenous, POC and LGBTQ2+ artists.

How do you define movement? What is your definition of movement, and how do you portray this within your film or movement practice? We want to see your ideas and concepts around the theme of Recorded Movement, and to challenge this definition as you see fit.


This festival was one of the most loving and caring festivals I have ever been in contact with. They were so friendly and helpful. I could not attend the festival personally, but I really enjoyed how the communicated and were in touch with artists. They even also gave artist a small amount of money because of the screening of their films which was very kind of them and I had never faced it in other American or European festivals. I cross my fingers for this very lovely team, and am looking forward to send my next film to them next time! :)
— Tanin Torabi - Tehran, Iran
Although we couldn’t go to the festival, they had a fantastic communication team with those who we were selected with our productions. All the info that they gave us and all the promotion they did of the selected works was brilliant. I hope we will be taking part in it next year!
— Dans PXL
My experiences at F-O-R-M have always been very eye-opening and influential. The festival curates a wide range of narratives and encourages different disciplines to share, play and create together. Seeing work by young creators has empowered me to start creating more of my own work.
— Stephanie Cyr, Vancouver BC
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