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Thank you for attending and being a part of F-O-R-M 2018!

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F-O-R-M 2018 Highlights


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The 3rd Festival of Recorded Movement is happening September 8th to 15th at SFU Woodwards Goldcrop Centre for the Arts. F-O-R-M has occurred twice before:

June 17th-19th 2016 was our inaugural festival and took place at the Vancity Theatre, Vancouver. We commissioned 5 Canadian artists to create new work that was screened at the festival alongside 33 short films from 13 different countries with over 100 youth participants within these creations. We hosted two workshops in partnership with VIVO Media Arts Centre and Cineworks Independent Filmmakers society, three parties, a public and open to all ages movement jam called "FORMations" in the Woodwards Atrium and total of 4 screenings of short films; 500 audience members and participants were involved throughout this weekend of activities.

June 16th-17th, 2017 we hosted our second festival with our new partners, SFU Cultural Programs at the SFU Woodwards Cinema. We commissioned 5 more artists to create new work for the festival which premiered on June 17th. These artists were made up of all Canadian artists, but were filmed around the world including Calgary, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Vancouver. This year, we screened 27 short films from 11 countries with well over 150 youth involved in these creations. We hosted two workshops in partnership with Cineworks, FORMations, 2 parties and 4 screenings with 500 people in attendance across two days.

Many of the films screened and commissioned at F-O-R-M have since gone on to screen at international festivals in various different contexts as well as have continued to develop and grow their practices through movement and/or film.

For more information about F-O-R-M, visit our About page.



Unfortunately I couldn’t attend. But it seemed to be an extraordinary event. Sophia and the entire team have been so easy to communicate with. And I loved the postcard we received to thank us for being part of the festival. This festival is definitely great support for new and established independent film makers!
Thank you to all the festival team!
— Clotilde Rullaud
This festival was one of the most loving and caring festivals I have ever been in contact with. They were so friendly and helpful. I could not attend the festival personally, but I really enjoyed how the communicated and were in touch with artists. They even also gave artist a small amount of money because of the screening of their films which was very kind of them and I had never faced it in other American or European festivals. I cross my fingers for this very lovely team, and am looking forward to send my next film to them next time! :)
— Tanin Torabi - Tehran, Iran
Although we couldn’t go to the festival, they had a fantastic communication team with those who we were selected with our productions. All the info that they gave us and all the promotion they did of the selected works was brilliant. I hope we will be taking part in it next year!
— Dans PXL
My experiences at F-O-R-M have always been very eye-opening and influential. The festival curates a wide range of narratives and encourages different disciplines to share, play and create together. Seeing work by young creators has empowered me to start creating more of my own work.
— Stephanie Cyr, Vancouver BC
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