This Commissioning Fund is an opportunity for artists to develop their creative voices through experimentation, collaboration and innovation. Through this fund, selected artists will be provided up to $2000 towards production funds as well as facilitation and equipment resources through partner organizations Cineworks (Vancouver) Charles Street Video (Toronto) and Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (Calgary), as well as receive rehearsal space at The Dance Centre (Vancouver). *(Please note that only productions based in Vancouver will have access to the Dance Centre Facilities).

Canadian artists are invited to apply with a new or existing short film concept to be premiered at our festival in September 2019 at the SFU Woodwards Cinema. F-O-R-M will give free creative rein to all applicants. Artists will be supported throughout their process with facilitators from the community will be available to help with any technical or artistic questions that might arise. Artists will have 4 months to complete their creations and throughout this time, artists are expected to meet specific deadline and delivery deadlines.

**If you want to apply but do not live in an area with facility support, please get in touch with us! **

F-O-R-M presents films that deliver strong imagery of the human body in motion, explore the limitlessness of our physical capacity both creatively and athletically, and offer a sense of choreographic investigation between camera and movement, regardless of movement form. We program unique and diverse films from around the globe. In addition, we are looking for innovative concepts, exceptional camerawork and cinematography, experimental editing styles and post-production effects that bring added layers to the subject matter. We encourage and support applications by/and/or featuring artists of all body types and physical abilities as well as indigenous, POC and LGBTQ2+ artists.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Youth Category : Lead applicant must be between the ages of 15-25

  • Emerging Category: Lead applicant must be 26 yrs old or over at time of submission, and must identify as emerging artist or is new to the practice of movement on screen. See this video from CADAC: Artist Talk: What is an Emerging artist? To help you decide if this is you! Video sourced from Creative Spark.

  • Proposals must be centred around the physical body in motion. Dance, skateboarding, skiing, parkour, surfing etc.. How do you define movement? What is your definition of movement, and how do you portray this within your film or movement practice? We want to see your ideas and concepts around the theme of Recorded Movement, and to challenge this definition as you see fit.

  • All applicants must agree to the rules and regulations

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or have PR status

Assessment Criteria:

All applications will be looked over by our artistic committee. The committee will look at:

  • Clarity, focus and vitality of proposed project.

  • Innovation, risk and challenge for artists through the proposed project.

  • Meaning and content in which movement is at the forefront of the narrative.

  • Feasibility of the project. Artistic ability to carry through the project, with practical budget and timeline.

  • Test footage supports and is relevant to the project.

  • Proposed project importance to their artistic practice, career and community.

How to Apply:

  • Deadline: By March 11th, 2019 - $30+ GST application fee. Payments made through Paypal, please see below. *If fee’s are refraining your application, please reach out.

  • Completed Application Form (below) including up to three links to past work or test footage for the idea. (Jury will watch up to 5-10 minutes)

  • A single PDF document emailed to by March 11th, 2019, 11:59PM PST that includes:

    • Working Title and Description of proposed project (max 50 words)

    • A detailed Synopsis of the proposed short film. This can include: The story or concept, describing the look and feel of the film, technical aspects of film, what you hope the audience will see or will experience, description of movement qualities explored, length intended, images that inspire the project, etc. (max 500 words). ** Note: final projects should be no longer than 15 minutes in length**

    • Artist statement. A few words about your current creative practice. (max 200 words)

    • Emerging Category Only: A brief description of how you meet the definition of, and self-identify as an Emerging Artist. (Max 150 words)

    • Your inspiration behind the project, and why you wish to to undertake it this time. Consider responding to these questions: “Why This Project? Why You? Why Now? How does this project support the development of your current artistic practice?” (max 500 words).

    • How this film speaks to / about or involves community. (max 200 words).

    • CV's of lead applicants.

    • Biographies of creative personnel. Include full names, date of birth and their role in the project (max 1 page).

    • Proposed detailed budget and timeline. Grants of up to $2000 will be awarded. Be sure to also include facility and equipment rentals if needed. Please visit Cineworks, CSV and CSIF websites to see list of equipment. NOTE: If application is successful, each project will receive up to $1500 CAD in rental equipment at a non-member rate on top of grant award.

    • Optional : 1 signed letter of support from an established artist or professional in your field who can speak to your experience and past work.


  • Selected participants will be notified the results by April 8th, 2019

  • Film drafts are expected by June 22nd

  • Delivery of final film is August 26th

  • The grant will be dispersed in three parts, half up front after contract signing, 1/3 after draft delivery and the remainder upon delivery of the final product and final reports.

  • Selected participants will sign contracts with delivery dates (rough-cut and final), agreeing to submit budget actuals, a brief report/feedback form and be in communication with festival coordinators throughout their process. Participants must submit their full film, adhering to required formats, with program notes and credits by deadlines. 

  • Artists will have free admission to all festival events and three extra passes for cast and crew.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail: