F-O-R-M presents films that deliver strong imagery of the human body in motion, explore the limitlessness of our physical capacity both creatively and athletically, and offer a sense of choreographic investigation between camera and movement, regardless of form. We program unique and diverse films from around the globe.  In addition, we are looking for innovative concepts, exceptional camerawork and cinematography, experimental editing styles and post-production effects that bring added layers to the subject matter. We encourage and support applications by/and/or featuring artists of all body types and physical abilities as well as indigenous, POC and LGBTQ2+ artists.

Application Requirements:

  • All applicants must agree to the rules and regulations.
  • This application is open to international artists
  • Proposals must be centred around the physical body in motion. Dance, skateboarding, skiing, parkour, surfing etc.. How do you define movement? What is your definition of movement, and how do you portray this within your film or movement practice? We want to see your ideas and concepts around the theme of Recorded Movement, and to challenge this definition as you see fit.
  • There are two categories: Ages of 15-25 or 26 and over at time of submission
  • Submitted films must be no longer than 15 minutes in length.
  • Maximum 2 applications per artist.
  • Application Deadline: May 14, 2018
  • If you have any questions about our application process please e-mail info@f-o-r-m.ca

How to apply:

  • Fill in application bellow OR
  • Submit via FilmFreeway. $15 to submit 

Participants will be notified by June 18th 2018 if the application is successful and will have until July 31st 2018 to deliver their films in 1080x920p, mov or mp4 format
Funding depending, successful participants will be awarded a screening honorarium as well as free admission to all festival screenings and events.