8:00pm Commissioned Films 

Each of these films were commissioned for this festival, and each demonstrate movement in varying genres and processes. Please join us for a talk back with the artists after the screenings. 

Run Time: 40 mins

Bonum (boh-noo m)
Sabrina Comanescu | Filmed in Calgary, Alberta

The Runner
Andy Chen, Sho Matsuyama, Alex Ding and Angel Wang | Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Rachel McNamee | Filmed in Den Haag, Netherlands

Spaceman's Word For Irritating Disturbances
Jamie Robinson | Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Mother's Map
Heather Lamoureux | Filmed on the unceded lands of the Coastal Miwok peoples. (Fairfax, California, USA)



6:30pm Screenings

Run Time: 55 mins 

Mayke van Celduizen | Boslward, Netherlands 

Life Rolls On
Reagan Yorke | California, USA

Warehause Dance Collective and David Phu | Vancouver, Canada

Chuck Wilt | New York, USA

Maddalena McNicholas | London, UK

To Suit: Random Acts
Lizzie Klotz | Newcastle, UK

Amy Yuemeng Dang | UK

Joshua Sailo | Aizwal, India

Body Rites
Naomi Berrio-Allen | London, UK