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Local and Canadian Shorts + Pre Screening Conversation with the Artists


Enjoy a screening dedicated to featuring our local and Canadian talents. We hope you will join us for a pre-screening conversation with the artists! Get to know the artist and their process’ before seeing them up on the big screen!

Rated PG - Nudity

Kariskis, 2018

Tin Gamboa | Philippines

Pinararangalan namin ang kababaihang naninindigan para sa atin. Pinararangalan namin ang kababaihang naghawan ng landas para sa atin. Translation: We honour the women who stand behind us. We honour the women who have come before us.

Moments of Movement #66 - "Madarigma, Episode 1"

Mark Valino and Sophia Gamboa | Philipines

In an attempt to seek resolve, Sosa invites Josh on a journey back to her hometown in the slums of Las Piñas City where she grew up. Together with Mark Valino, a Filipino/Canadian born creative director/ cinematographer of #momentsofmovement, they confront the darkness that resides along the tight alleys, to find the light that coexist. A journey of finding solice, it is a process of healing and courage.

Wave, 2019

Eric Cheung | Vancouver

"Wave" is an experimental short film about disorientation, transformation and self-perpetuation. Eric Cheung is visualizing in his performance how to create new "waves", get out of the "wave" and even swim against the current "wave" at times. Every aspect of the environment is playing a role in and adding to the message and the effect.

Small Spaces and Big Places, 2019

Charlotte Telfer-Wan | Vancouver

The World: I'll grow into it someday We have used this film to discover the possibilities that manifest themselves in seemingly constricting structures or ideas. Our moving bodies and cinematography research familiar city spaces with curiosity, attempting to fit and move within them. Thank you to all my beautiful and creative collaborators for your brilliant minds and support.

Moving Statues, 2019

Lauren Yeung and Shannon May Craig | Vancouver

Moving Statues was inspired by all of the beautiful public art that can be found around Vancouver. We wanted to combine our story telling driven work with that of the A-Maze-Ing Laughter sculptures created by Yue Minjun. The film follows a woman who stumbles upon these statues and encounters a figure. As the dancing progresses and becomes more entangled, the lines of self expression and personal autonomy begin to blur.

Naufrage, 2019

Lara Amelie Abadir and Anya Saugstad | Vancouver

Naufrage focuses on the aftermath of an unknown wreckage. This place is haunted by subtle physical triggers and memories, where the furniture and act as a frame for absence and light as a beacon that promises safety. Seven women, appearing and disappearing, until there is no certainty of what existed first, the wreck or those who reside in it.

A B R A X A S, 2018

Kendra Epik | Toronto

The simplicity of being alive is a miracle in itself. It is a reminder of the beauty in mundane acts that seem insignificant. Washing the dishes, watching TV, and riding the bus are all actions that serve a purpose but do not necessarily exhibit beauty in a conventional sense. I want to show that even when you feel like you are doing nothing, you are doing everything. The succumbing to simplicity and appreciation of normality proves to be a significant act of self-acceptance.

The Man Who Travelled Nowhere in Time, 2018

Kyra Jean Green | Montreal

A collaboration born out of an original performance by Montreal dance company Trip The Light Fantastic, The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time tells the story of a man who only exists in the dreams and unconscious minds of others’ experiences. Through the eyes of Eytan, we question what is “real”, what isn't, and how we each perceive time differently.

Origins, 2019

Sebastian Hill-Esbrand | Vancouver

Origins is a movement installation piece which explores ancestry through movement and the universality of rhythm and music. We will explore the memories that are held within the body and soul, to ignite a connection between our ancestors who used music and rhythm as ceremony, celebration, mourning, play, and announcing war. We remember that our ancestors speak through us, forever sending signs; reminders of the many before us and the origins that connect us.

Phase, 2019

Kalaisan Kalaichelvan | Toronto

When a two-voiced pattern shifts in and out of unison, it opens the viewer to other non-deliberate patterns and textures. Crafted on 16mm film, PHASE is a pas de deux designed to explore the nature of Bharatanatyam movement as an audiovisual experience. By deconstructing a traditional trikala jathi, we explore the parameters in pattern-making beyond choreographed movement, playing with time, space, music and presentation.


Danielle Peers | Edmonton

Choreographed, directed and shot from disability perspectives, this dance-on-video short contrasts the playful connections when disability aesthetics, community and a ramp meet the institutional histories and discordant inclinations that can lurk just below the surface.

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