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Moving Through South America

  • SFU Woodwards 149 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H4 Canada (map)

In Partnership with VLAFF

A screening featuring short movement films from artists across South America including Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia.

Rated PG - Nudity

Lugar Comum (Ordinary Place), 2018

Pedro Krull | Brazil

Ordinary Place is a variable between time and space. The place you occupy is not the same as the others. But with the advent of time, the place blends so much so that the one who occupies will not be you. The time shifts and the place is yours again. Ordinary Place, different people.

8 variações | 8 variations, 2019

Saulo Rodrigues Cavalcante | Brazil

"8 variations" finds potential of the movement through rhythm, tempo and soundscape variations, proposing new ways of building dynamics within repetition. Female empowerment is the conceptual trigger for the creation of gestures and imagery away from the established standards. “8 variations” experiences the possibilities of screendance based on Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s choreography “Rosas Danst Rosas”

Equação, 2019

Vitória Brisa Gonçalves Nunes Barboza | Brazil

"Equation" is inspired by the universe of science fiction, in which people are programmed in laboratories, evoking classics like Brave New World, by George Orwell. It presents itself as a videodance and experiences the subtleties of movement in connection with the camera, admitted at times as a fourth dancer.

Materia Bruta, 2018

Renan de LIma Turci | Brazil

When she finds the power, the protagonist sees herself as a rising leader. Your decisions will have consequences for the group and it will have to deal with the questions that will arise.

Green I want you Brick, 2019

Luis Esteban Aranda Rodriguez | Bolivia

It reveal an attempt to submerge in that space-time exists in rural places when it are transformed from their rural state to a semi-urban or urban state. It is the bodies looking for that dichotomy between the weight of the bricks (construction) and the marathose of the aerial in nature. The agrarian cycles are linked to the cycles of development and modernity, however, life reigns and green will continue to be and continue to do.

Transpersonal, 2018

Florencia Macarena Visconti | Argentina

Woman who want to unwrap their animal softness, circulating in blood that discharges the magma to merge into the primordial being, landing on land to encourage the mud of the body that is left to shudder to turn it into skin. To cross the recognition of the physical state that produces the body that feels, unloads and delivers. Only that I want to keep it in my corporeal temporality. Do not take it from me ...

Territorio, 2019

Florencia Azorin and Malena Martinez | Argentina

In five different cultural spaces, five women unleash their own experience of a body inhabited by sexist violence. The idea of not being alone appears, of being able to share the street, reality and strength.