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International Short Films - 1

  • SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts 149 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, V6B Canada (map)

A mixed screening of international short movement films. Please join us for a talk back after the screening with a few of the artists in attendance!


Stopgap in Stop Motion, 2017

Stephen Featherstone | UK, Farnham

Photographs of performers in an inclusive dance company come to life. The individual artists dance out of the photos and across table tops until the whole company meets and performs in unison. Combining live action, cut out and stop motion animation techniques, Stopgap in Stop Motion was commissioned as a promotional film for Stopgap Dance Company.


every part, 2018

Avery Smith | Vancouver, Canada

‘every part’ explores a contradicting desire to reveal and retreat; to be the audience of one moment and the performer of the next. The spaces we occupy morph and magnify our presence within these two roles. These spaces also unearth, tangle and deconstruct habitual, personal patterns and rhythms. The film experiments with this concept through a physical investigation of calculated precision contrasted with personal habit. Various perspectives and environments illustrates this dichotomy and works to reveal the intimacy in the epic.


Packing Pearls, 2018

Alexandra Kirwood | Melbourne, Australia

Materiality sculpts how we think and view the world. Hierarchy of materiality imposes value or lack of value on both the natural and built world. Objects are made to be treasured, objects are made to be disposable. Why shouldn't we see beauty in the banal? What prescribes beauty in the first place? What separates a pearl from a polystyrene ball? Objects are reflections of us, and the ones we choose to value are the ones that help us understand ourselves. Packing pearls explores the movements of objects and how they interact with the human body.


Moments of Movement - Ralph Escamillan Feat. RV Mendoza - You Blew It, 2018

Mark Valino | Philippines, Makati

#MomentsofMovement is a freestyle dance video series about trying to capture that perfect moment between dancer, filmmaker, and surroundings as they connect through music. These one-of-a-kind interpretations are a form of self-expression for both dancer and filmmaker who both react to the music and each other. The first and very special installment of the #PhilippinesEdition. This collaboration was conceived during the opening night of Fringe Manila Festival. The brilliantly talented Raplh Escamillan traverses through the colorful Makati red light district with such confidence and grace to the insanely catchy RV Mendoza hit "You Blew It". Video produced by the uniquely talented Char Loro.


Wait, 2018

Sarah C Prinz | Los Angeles, USA

"Wait" is a queer movement film about the cyclical nature of co-dependency. It explores intimate moments in which we define our identity through another person and the dismantling required to start over.


TO BE FL;WD, 2016

Carla Castle | Singapore, Singapore

TO BE FL;WD is a short, experimental stop-motion that resulted as a response to the ever growing trend of plastic surgery. As humans we are simply bounded by flaws we did not ask for, and people bound themselves more trying to pick and highlight their own flaws. TO BE FL;WD captures how trapped people's flaws can make them feel.


Chapter 21, 2018

Daria Mikhaylyuk | Vancouver, Canada

“There is no greater misfortune in the world than the loss of reason.” ― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita



Fredrik Lund-Hansen | California, USA

This film is in itself a criticism of conformity and a play with gender roles. Where time and space is bent to create a moving work of art symbolising that we are all humans. We are all flesh & blood and the color of our skin or sexuality/gender is irrelevant. We are all one & the same.