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International Short Films - 2

  • SFU Woodwards Goldcorp Centre for the Arts 149 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, V6B Canada (map)

A mixed screening of international short movement films. Please join us for a talk back after the screening with a few of the artists in attendance!


Galvanize, 2017

Akeim Buck | Leeds, UK

Galvanize is a short dance and poetry film. Shot in Leeds City Centre representing the diversity of the city, sending a message of positivity to the world. The film was made in response to the divisive fringes in society that we are all victims to, it is a rallying call to the masses. Made from support from Random Acts North in collaboration with Channel 4, with funding from Arts Council England.


Xolani, 2018

Lotte Manicom | South Africa

The story of Xolani, who dances to release his troubled past. As a teenager, Xolani discovered that he was poisoned by his mother as a baby. This resulted in an operation, leaving a scar across his torso, and his removal from her care. As the truth unfolded, Xolani began to dance as a way to release his past and communicate a message to his biological mother.


GREY, 2017

Kent Donguines | Vancouver, Canada

GREY is about difference. Though the idea has a very strong, literal connection to the issues of racism and gender equality, the message behind GREY can apply to any situation where there are opposing worlds and ideas. As an experimental short film of under 4 minutes, GREY aims to show that our differences are merely social constructs, and that we are more alike than we think.


Shed, 2017

Emily Halaka and Carolyn DiLoreto | USA

A visual poetry work exploring the intersection of feminine sexuality and identity.


Tactil, 2014

Laisvie Andrea Ochoa | Bogota, Colombia

I exist when your hands create me. This video dance is part of an exploration of sign language and dance in the context of vindicating the linguistic and cultural rights of the deaf community as part of inclusion processes. One deaf dancer meets a hearing one and therefore gestures, hands and touch become the main tools not only for communication but furthermore, to recognize the other, to create each other. The use of animation helps to underline this idea and to focus on the beauty and poetics of touch, a sense that people with sensorial impairments know so well


White Fox Archetype // Graveyard Shift, 2016

Abbey Sacks | Los Angeles, USA

This is an experimental film inspired by the sounds of the musician White Fox Archetype. I used mediums such as dance, animation and projection to try capturing the essence of the song.


Unfolding, 2018

Brenda Nicole Kent | Vancouver, Canada

An exploration of stillness, movement, and intimacy between three beings. Unfolding is an exploration of the relationship between movement and stillness, solitude and proximity, and of the intimacies created during moments of silence. Based on a framework inspired by still photography, this short film revolves around three subjects: two young men and an eight-year old girl. Structurally non-narrative, it follows the subjects’ personal ties around trust and physicality, all navigated through exercises of movement and connection.


Able, 2017

Jacob Jonas | Los Angeles, USA

American choreographer Jacob Jonas, who began his career with legendary Venice Beach boardwalk dancers, the Calypso Tumblers, collaborates in this thoughtful new film with ILL-Abilities—a dance group representing the differently-abled community, basing the performance on the group's mantra: “No excuses, no limits.”

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