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Cinematography and Interactive Installation Workshop

Sat 15 Sept; 11.00am,–1.00pm; Cineworks Studio,

1131 Howe St, Vancouver; $10-$20

Presented by Cineworks and F-O-R-M (Festival Of Recorded Movement)

Just as cameras are also dancers in choreography for movement on screen, screens and audience members are partners in movement and sensation in interactive video installations.

The compelling work of Canadian Media Artist Brian Johnson composes these systems of action and representation, engagement and responsiveness in a spatial composition through which conventional distinctions of body, medium, performer and audience modulate one another, dissolve and reform in ongoing oscillation.

In this two hour masterclass comprising presentation and discussion, Johnson digs deep into the effects, strategies, challenges and rewards of harnessing digital tools in rendering movement on and off screen. This class will benefit film and video creators interested in interactive installation, artists interested in professional cinematography, and audiences looking to get behind the surface of finished works, to understand the practical and theoretical interactions of audiovisual composition in space.

Topics covered:

-Strategies for working with chaos and chance

-Isadora and other real time video manipulation software systems

-Cinematography, The camera as an active participant in construction of dance films. How it moves or doesn't.
-The idea of narrative and why artists shouldn't be afraid of this.

-Being sensitive/inclusive towards audiences as a community building practice

-Micro histories and how they shape neighbourhoods/communities

-The politics of space and movement:


"Battles over housing, rent, the privatization of space, and zoning are not merely battles over places - they are battles over how meaning is produced in the city. It is for this reason that cities that undergo rapid gentrification lose not only a robust radical infrastructure, but also their language. Spaces produce meaning and meaning produces a sense of history" -Nato Thompson



Director, cinematographer and visual artist Brian Johnson’s work spans many genres and disciplines. He is an avid and enthusiastic collaborator as well as an independent artist creating works that tend to operate within the continuum of cinema. In his art practice, Johnson’s work challenges the traditional parameters of filmmaking by inviting immediacy and improvisation into the cinematic experience. His cinematography credits include The Killing for Netflix and AMC and You Me Her for DirectTV and E-one. His most recent film, Inheritor Recordings, has been receiving recognition and awards at film festivals such as the San Francisco Dance Film Festival. His most recent site-specific work was exhibited at the Penticton Art Gallery along with work also included in New Forms Festival. In 2010 Brian directed an hour-long anthology on BC artists for Knowledge Network called cArtographies - a work that re-framed the potential of biographical documentary – pushing the genre towards performance/abstraction through collaborative exploration of individual artist’s work. He has exhibited at festivals such as TIFF and the Clairmont- Ferrand International Short Film Festival. He has won two Golden Sheaf awards, two Leos and has been nominated for a Gemini.



This veneue is wheelchair accessible and has wheelchair accessible facilities. Please email admin[at] or call 604-685-3841 with any questions or concerns regarding access.


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