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Bodies in Motion/Bodies at Rest: A Dance Film Workshops with Daniel Conrad

  • 1131 Howe Street Vancouver, BC, V6Z Canada (map)

Cineworks and F-O-R-M (Festival Of Recorded Movement) present a full-day workshop with acclaimed dance filmmaker Daniel Conrad, designed for filmmakers, choreographers, and dancers aspiring to make dance film; and for any artists who wish to learn essential principles of framing, recording and editing bodies in motion / bodies at rest.

Workshop time: 7 hours including 1 hour lunch-break

$135 + taxes | General Admission
$110 + taxes | Concessions; Community Partner Members*
$85 + taxes | Cineworks Members / F-O-R-M discount
**Use discount code f-o-r-m-1-7


Many filmmakers try to film dance choreographed for stage. This often fails, since dance has vastly different needs than film. Film cuts the world into angles, while stage dance is conceived as a continuum from a single angle. Time and space are more compressed on film than on stage. Even the body of the solo dancer struggles with the camera, its full vertical shape resisting the horizontal frame. To make a true dance film, choreographers must understand the frame and directors must learn the kinetics of dance. Going from stage to screen starts with choreographing and lighting shot-by-shot, specifically for the camera.

In this intensive workshop, participants will study some core methods, watch films and clips that use them, and practice with camera, lights and a dancer. Topics will include composition and lighting within the frame, choosing angles and working within them, cutting as choreography, rhythmic and overtonal montage, creative use of discontinuous and non-matching action, solving non-stage location challenges, and improvisational methods.