F-O-R-M 2017

Commissioned Artists

F-O-R-M’s Commissioning Fund is an exciting program offered by the festival. This year our curatorial committee awarded five emerging artists and their respective teams with $1500 cash and $1500 in equipment and access to the facility at Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society towards the creation of a brand new movement film that was screened and premiered at our festival on June 17th 2017 at SFU Woodwards. These artists were carefully selected by our curatorial committee through a mini grant application in which each of their proposals showed promise, diversity, dedication and innovation towards the making of a new movement-centred film. Each artist was given free creative reign during their processes with technical and creative support from F-O-R-M's creative team. The results of each film reflect ad showcase the values of their own practices. Congratulations to the artists who were involved in each project, and thank you for being a part of year two of F-O-R-M's Commissioning Funds Program!

Bellow you can also see our 2016/17 Program guide where you can see all other short films programmed this season. 


Bonum (boh-noo m)

Filming Location: Calgary, Canada
Creative personal: Sabrina Naz-Comanescu (Director, Choreographer, Costume Designer, Co-Music Producer), Aran Wilkinson-Blanc (Cinematographer, Editor), Aristotle Nsungani (Music Producer, Dancer), Natasha Korney (Dancer), Rodney Diverlus (Dancer) and Ajay Musodi (Dancer) Shabuungo Ouda Ouda AKA Micheal Hewitt (Narrator -English), Sherban Comanescu (Narrator - Romanian). Writing Credits: Sabrina Naz-Comanescu, Sherban Comanescu and Shabuungo Ouda Ouda AKA Micheal Hewitt. Set Decoration: Becky McMaster and Andrew Frosst from Salt Design Renovations and Workshop.

After they cycle through two steps back and one step forward again, the dangers of complacency are revealed and the reward that is nestled in perseverance is imagined. Conceivably this is the taste of Bonum.

My time within the FORM festival has been to say the least a life changing experience. Thanks to everyone involved with the festival I have a completely different outlook on dance and its connection to film. During the creation process of my commissioned film entitled Bonum, the jury and my videographer Aran Wilkinson-Blanc were tremendous supports for myself finding success with the end result. From guidance on how to better approach the choreography from the cameras POV, to musical logistics and ways to get the most out of my vision.
Prior to the festival I considered film making only a hobby or a way to simply archive my choreographed works, however now I am inspired to create work purposely for the screen. To Sophia Wolfe and her team at FORM I am eternally grateful for the experience and would highly recommend all youth interested in film to apply and get involved.
Since the festival, Bonum has been screened in the Globe cinema, People Are Pearls and The Broken city in Calgary, AB and has also been featured in the online film and technology magazine LUMA.
— Sabrina Naz Comanescu

The Runner 

Location: Britannia secondary school
Credits: Director: Sho Matsuyama
Co-Director and Set Decorator: Angel Wang
Creative producer: Andy Chen
Director of photography: Alex Ding
Actors: Conor, Andy Chen, Alex Ding

A transformation story of a teenage boy changing from a victim of violence to a positive and self-driven adolescent after joining Streetfront---an alternative for students who struggle to succeed in high schools in Vancouver east side. The short film emphasizes on how running changes the boy's attitude towards life and how it makes him resilient.

I would definitely like to take this chance to thank FORM for such an unforgettable experience. It was you guys who allowed me and my team to know what it’s like to live a different life and feel honored to tell the stories of others who, tough have very different backgrounds than ours, shared common interest and wanted to influence the society in the same way. FORM gave us the opportunity to pursue what we liked and helped us to make a huge step forward. There are not a lot of places where high school students are accepted for their recklessness and that is exactly why we thank FORM for letting us play with film, dare to think about our future and put efforts toward it. Thank you!
— Andy Chen


Director : Rachel McNamee Dancer: Benjamin Behrends Pianist: Derek Stanyer Music: Piano Sonata No.23 in F Minor, Op.57, "Appassionata": II. Andante con moto by Beethoven
Filming Location: Den Haag, Netherlands:

This is you.
This could be you.
This is you, looking at you.
you, bliss bursting at the seams.
you, scared again.
you, soft and strong.
you, bitter and hardened by yesterday.
you, hopeful, moving forward, stepping into tomorrow.
this is you, alone.
Everyday is you, everyday is this.
This is you, okay. you, gut spilling, bone weary, heart shaking.
This is you, wishing you were not.
you, succumbing.
you, full of love.
you, full of doubt. you, full.
This was you, will be you.
This is you, home.

As a young artist, when an opportunity presents itself that feels scary, I think it’s important to dive in headfirst. FORM’s commissioning fund was exactly that. Having never created a film before, not even owning a camera to do so, but being a dancer for most of my life, beginning to try out creating myself, I was curious about the limitations and freedom that creating on film could bring. I was curious about the craftsmanship involved in the editing process, the more precise ability to direct a viewers eye, compared to a live performance. As with any creative process, I was curious about what new perceptions and ideas would manifest in my work. And I was excited about the festival - a platform to share my work in a professional setting, with a new audience, and with the possibility for new connections......
FORM was with me, every step of the way. Despite creating the film on a different continent than where it was presented, I never felt completely alone with my task. Sophia gave us space and complete creative freedom, but was always a quick message away with whatever we needed, in terms of both technical questions and artistic opinion....
As a dancer, as an artist, as a human, I believe it will never stop being necessary to challenge yourself, find new ways to express yourself, and confront your fears of vulnerability in new situations. Creating on film has taught me more about myself as a dance performer and a creator in many different forms. Thank you FORM!
— Rachel McNamee

Spaceman's Word For Irritating Disturbances

Filming Location (City, country): Vancouver, Canada
Choreographer/Artistic Director: Jamie Robinson
Director: Kurtis Yu
Performers: Avery Smith, Elya Grant, Jamie Robinson, Katie Lowen, Zahra Shahab Rehearsal Director: Sierra Knight Sound Designer: Patrick Fiore
Camera Operator: Jevan Crittenden
Production Assistant: Lauren Thu
Costuming: Lululemon Lab

Questioning societies ever-changing relationship with technology, the reliance we are developing with it, and recognizing that, just like human relationships, technology has flaws and perception-changing failures.

FORM offered me the means to create in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I was able to develop my creative and collaborative processes while exploring my choreographic interests. I’m beyond grateful for the experience FORM offered me and excited about how it’s expanded my ideas about movement and film moving forward.
— Jamie Robinson

Mother's Map

Concept and Direction: Heather Lamoureux
Creators and Performers: Lucie Baker, Evelyn Calderón, Rahel El-Maawi, Malou Kalita, Mu and Tatiana Musi Camera and Editing: Evan Adler
Sound Design: Alex Mah
Location: Filmed on the stolen and unceded lands of the Coastal Miwok peoples (Fairfax, California, USA).

Recalling our self that believes her instincts, that does not apologize for being, that knows there is no hierarchy, that doesn’t retract her heart, that speaks her opinions, that feels, that finds pleasure, that knows life creates life. We feel vibrancy and power in her pulse, as she suffocates we suffocate; as she is pierced and poisoned our light dwindles. As we touch her magic we remember our story, our divinity and our strength. Simultaneously we recall our attachment to an endless pain, knowing we have taken too much. And so we offer…

Thanks to F-O-R-M I was encouraged and able to create a film alongside six other powerful women from six different countries. It was a special opportunity to capture our moment together and our shared story on film. The process provided space for us to explore and question our bodies relationship to the earth, to connect our experiences and discover our rituals. Thanks to the funding I was able to work with an experienced videographer who took amazing footage and really solidified our vision. Mothers Map is the first film I directed with an ensemble and I have learned many lessons along the way and will be much better prepared to take on future projects. I look forward to sharing this film in other countries to further spread our story. Thank you to Sophia and F-O-R-M for creating this opportunity.
— Heather Lamoureux

2017 Festival Program