Family FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery

November 25 + 26, 2017

750 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC

F-O-R-M is very excited to be invited to collaborate with the Vancouver Art Gallery's Family Fuse "The Action of Expression"! Discover the Vancouver Art Gallery's Family FUSE Weekend, where you will meet artists, musicians, dancers, performers, and educators for a weekend filled with family fun! Participate in a range of fun activities, performances, and hands-on sessions throughout the Gallery. 


On November 25th and 26th, F-O-R-M will be set up at 4 East on the 4th floor of the Gallery screening 4 films from the festival and in between these screenings, we will open the space for participants to create their own movement videos through interactive video installation FORMations RT. Come participate by moving and grooving in this free form open jam. Pick up a camera, perform an idea and watch your footage being edited live and in real-time through this interactive video installation created in collaboration with Sammy Chien of Chimerik似不像. We move, we film and we edit video footage in real-time, creating live movement based video on the go.


Detailed list of films screening at the event bellow, see you there!
Event information:


Laundry Day
12:00pm | 04:35 | Saltlake City, USA | Hannah M Webber 

It's that time of the week, the most excruciating chore that takes a whole day to get done. It's Laundry Day. An excruciatingly mundane day of sitting, waiting, watching, and doing. When our dancer enters the scene, she becomes trapped by the laundromat's hypnotic mechanics. The sounds of quarters, people, broken radios, and dryers inhabits her own sound score for waiting and folding. "Laundry Day" is a short dance film that embodies all these sensations, and more.

Director: Hannah M Weber
Key Cast: Tori Duhaime
Cinematographer & Colorist: Stéphane Glynn Production
Sound: Sam Katz
Choreographers: Hannah M Weber and Tori Duhaime
Production Assistants: Monica Remes and Huiwang Zhang
Editor & Sound Design: Hannah M Weber

Children of Takaya Screenshot 2.png

Children Of Takaya
1:00pm | 03:48 | Vancouver, Canada | F-O-R-M 2016 Commission | Katie Coolidge

Dance group Children of Takaya perform the Slahal Dance – Spirit of Slahal. Slahal is a bone game/hand game/ stick game – it has been played all throughout North America. Two teams would sit across from each other. There are two bones that could fit into a hand – one is marked and the other is plain. The bones are hidden in clenched fists, and the object is to guess the unmarked bone. If you guess right the bones are handed off to the other team. Whoever was holding the bones would be singing. The game could go on for days sometimes – sometimes it was used to settle disputes; sometimes it was played just for fun, sometimes it evenprevented war. The movements of the dancers, the spinning, were to try to confuse the other team so they weren’t sure which hand the bone would be in. This film melded tradition dances with modern visual arts; placing the dancers in front of mere shots of nature rather than out in nature themselves helps to bring together the traditional with the modern.

Creative Director: Kattie Coolidge
Dancers/Drummers: Leonard George, Gabriel George, Cyrus George, Dennis Thomas, Kalup George, Les George, William Thomas-George, Charlene George, Elsie Gus, Arianna Gus, Laura George.
Filming by Nancy Bleck (Background nature shots) and Sebnem Ozpeta (Slahal Dance)

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 4.47.57 PM.png

The Proposition
2:00pm | 04:18 | Vancouver, Canada | Jessica Wilkie and Lexi Vajda

A chair's allure and a series of failed pursuits.

Directors, Editors and Performers : Jessica Wilkie and Lexi Vajda


Faux Solo
3:00pm | 03:27 | Vancouver, Canada | F-O-R-M 2016 Commission | Ralph Escamillan and Nancy Lee 

Empty space, a human body, and eight articles of clothing. Faux solo explores the dialogue and collaboration between the body, sound, clothing, and the space. Each article of clothing dictates the next move into the unknown space; sound amplifies the impact of the colliding costumes and contrasts to the space surrounding it. In the end, the thread of the film, the human body is left on its own and continues as a remnant of all that has accumulated. Inspired by the voyeuristic and fantastical feeling of Prada and Nike commercials, shots and images are imbued with a feeling of desire, allure and the impulse for more. The body is on view yet it is also the tool for manipulating the clothing and environment - the subjective/objective, personal/public is continually emphasized and revealed.

Dancer / Choreographer/Producer: Ralph Escamillan
Director: Nancy Lee
DP: Sepehr Samimi
Sound Designer: Stefan Seslija
Gaffer: Donald Risky
MUA: Jess Hawkins
Costumes: Lulu Lemon Lab
Location: The Settlment Building