F-O-R-M 2018

F-O-R-M 2018 took place at SFU Woodwards on September 13-15 at SFU Woodwards and featured 32 Films from 11 Countries with over 150 youth movers and filmmakers. We hosted 4 workshops, 2 parties, 2 Interactive installations and FORMations!


Commissioned Artists

TRIANGULATE by Pattern Nation

PatternNation welcomes you on the journey that is TRIANGULATE. Filmed within three cities: Durban South Africa, Vancouver and Nanaimo Canada this film brought together 21 diverse artists between the two countries. The journey begins with the introverted self, the part of us that experiences solitude, intimacy and self-reflection. In the first scene vocalist Nipho Hurd brings us into nature with her track while dancers Lorin SoKool, Marisa Gold and Jason Bempong express and explore with PatternNation’s interactive soft blob sculptures.
Our creative compass takes us next to the extroverted self, the part of us that experiences social stimulation, attention and excitement. The extroverted self is expressed by Lex Lafoy’s track Sibaningi’la (Zulu), There are many of us (English). We celebrate community connection with the full Durban cast and Vancouver dance company Immigrant Lessons. This voyage ends in exploring the creative self, the part of us that experiences innovation, exploration and originality. Set amidst PatternNation Murals, CostaBesta’s experimental track is danced by TJ Jali and choreographer Lorin SoKool in Durban, Marisa Gold and Jason Bempong in Nanaiamo and performed by CostaBesta in both cities. The introverted self, the extroverted self and the creative self complete the triangle that is TRIANGULATE. Thank you for joining us on this colourful trip as we explore connecting the Mind, Body and Soul through dance, visual art, self-expression and cross-cultural exchange.
*All music in the film has been produced by Missu and respective artists for this project.

Being involved in F-O-R-M has been an absolute pleasure for myself, my partner CostaBesta and the entire team of our Commissioned film! The opportunity and funding that F-O-R-M provided for us to create TRIANGULATE between South Africa and Canada was such a game changer, the project never could have been possible without this platform. I was so humbled to have enough funding to be able to collaborate with and compensate the massive team of artists that got involved with our film. We we’re blessed to be able to meet with mentor Nancy Lee in both Durban and Vancouver which had such a positive impact on the film and editing process. I learnt so much about the power film has to bring our ideas, community and movement to a bigger audience. The funds that F-O-R-M provided for us allowed us to record and produce three original songs for the film while in South Africa, which has such a positive impact on the musicians that got involved in the project. F-O-R-M also asked PatternNation to curate the closing party, which was such a wonderful way for them to include the art installation and performance elements of our platform into the festival. Speaking on behalf of our cast & crew working with F-O-R-M was a positive, fulfilling, and career building opportunity for all of us!
— Cydney Eva Paddon

Foreign Ghost by Elizabeth Armitage and Aidan Chin

Foreign Ghost is the experience of being neither, both, one or the other. Based on the experiences of Chinese-Canadians, Foreign Ghost attempts to give the community an understanding of bi-culturalism and bi-racialism. The journey is followed throughout Vancouver, exploring the different cultures in space and how that influences identity. Water can influence the movement of a fish if it is not strong enough to swim in the direction it wants to go.


powdered sugar by Roxanne Nesbitt

powdered sugar is a video exploration of the sound of movement and the movement of sound. What does it mean to see sound? What artifacts does it leave? Can movement induce sound memories? Can we dream in sound without image?


E_GO by Eric Cheung and Alimzhan Sabir

E_GOis an analysis of the dualistic nature of the ego mind and its role in shaping one's identity and perspective on oneself. Exploring the extremes and character attributes such as the superiority and inferiority complexes. In addition, the introduction of the interiority complex a term coined by Caroline Mchugh in her TEDxTalk, “The art of being yourself”. A disposition in which describes the equilibrium between the two extremes of ego, a state of mind where you can truly be yourself. Pulling from Eric’s experiences in dealing with his own personal struggles in finding his own self-identity and ultimately as a dance artist. The film utilizes mirrors as a visual representation of the different aspects of Eric's ego. This will further the idea of self-reflection and create a medium for Eric to eventually find balance and interiority within himself.

My experience with F-O-R-M has been nothing short of amazing and I just want to thank F-O-R-M and Sophia Wolfe for giving a platform for movement artists to produce works through film! As a young artist, my whole perspective and appreciation in creating short film pieces have changed since. With tremendous support from the team through mentorship and communication, I was able to produce a work that I was truly proud of and represented me as a dance artist. I learn valuable skills in all the parts of video production and in properly constructing my message in the best way possible. Extremely grateful for this experience of being apart of this program, and I highly recommend any artist that is interested in creating work in film to apply and push their boundaries as a creator.
— Eric Cheung

Wave Hands Like Clouds by Jennifer Su

As sunlight fills Grange Park on a weekday morning, building cranes cut across the sky while young professionals speed through the park’s paths on their way to work. A small boombox projects the peaceful sounds of Tai Chi music, setting the pace for a group of lively seniors who meet for both exercise and friendship, always followed by breakfast together. At another corner, a young artist concentrates on moving chi throughout their body, demonstrating the knowledge passed down to them by their shifu, a Chinese medicine doctor. In the afternoon, a class in Scarborough works to improve their sword Tai Chi practice, the walls of their headquarters proudly displaying tournaments they have competed in. Back in Chinatown, a Taoist temple nestled on a residential street hosts evening classes where young volunteers lead participants from all walks of life. As outsiders, we are given a glimpse into how Tai Chi, as a spiritual and physical activity, takes form in different environments, among different bodies—all with their own unique interpretations. The powerful notion that Tai Chi can be done anywhere, by anyone, is embodied by the diverse community of practitioners featured in the film.


ALL THINGS GROW by Francesca Chudnoff

ALL THINGS GROW is the assemblage of found parts, that seem somewhat arbitrary, collaged together as a way to create a new whole. A half truth. 
This film embraces the aesthetics of millennial tropes, the novelty of how we communicate, and why we are terribly nostalgic. How do we translate what we feel in our bodies? Into a material? Into a colour? A pattern? A sound? What does that look like online and “IRL?" Your influence is larger than a 640px X 640px square.

Participating as a commissioned artist in the Festival of Recorded Movement was definitely a personal and professional highlight of my 2018.
The support of F-O-R-M allowed me to produce work that I’m incredibly proud of, gather an incredible team to collaborate with, as well as connect with artists on the other side of the country!
F-O-R-M is a really special festival, and I am truly excited to watch it grow and nurture other young artists.
— Francesca Chudnoff

2018 Festival Program Guide