F-O-R-M 2016

Commissioned Artists

F-O-R-M’s Commissioning Fund is an exciting program offered by the festival for youth artists. F-O-R-M awarded five emerging artists with $1500 cash and equipment credit and access to the facility at Cineworks towards the creation of a brand new movement film that was screened and premiered on at the Vancity Theatre. These artists were carefully selected by our jury through an application process in which each of their proposals showed promise, dedication, talent and innovation towards the making of a new movement-centred film. Each artist was given free creative reign during their processes, and the results reflect upon the values of their own practices. These works involved collaboration and production with over 25 youth artists throughout the program. Congratulations to the artists who were involved in each project, and thank you for being a part of the first ever F-O-R-M Commissioning Funds Program. 

Bellow you can also see our 2015/16 Program guide where you can see all other short films programmed this season. 


Heart & Soul: S 12. Ep 10.

Directors: Patrick Blenkarn and Lily Ross-Millard
Performers: Daniel Bergman, June Fukumura, Peter Anderson and Manami Hara
Composers and Sound: Thomas Hoy and John Millard 

I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. This film very much tried to escape norms and types that I believe to be problematic in the world where moving image and dance meet. The challenges Lily and I set up for ourselves were big, but that is who we are and no fault of the festival’s. Through FORM I had the opportunity to try some great equipment and I had a reason do something I otherwise could not have done. This first short film has already led to my thinking about a second and third short film. It’s given me enough confidence to try to do it again, which, I think, above all is what a festival like this should do—inspire people to try things and then show them that it’s possible to try again.
— Patrick Blenkarn

Children Of Takaya

Creative Director: Kattie Coolidge
Dancers/Drummers: Leonard George, Gabriel George, Cyrus George, Dennis Thomas, Kalup George, Les George, William Thomas-George, Charlene George, Elsie Gus, Arianna Gus, Laura George.
Filming by Nancy Bleck (Background nature shots) and Sebnem Ozpeta (Slahal Dance)


Faux Solo

Dancer/Choreographer/Producer: Ralph Escamillan
Director: Nancy Lee
DP: Sepehr Samini
Sound Designer: Stefan Saslija
Gaffer: Donald Risky
MUA: Jess Hawkins
Costumes: Lulu Lemon Lab
Location: The Settlement Building


That Which We Are

Director: Dylan Maranda
Surfer: Michael Darling
Creatives: Mack Calistan & Ryan Clough-Carroll

With F-O-R-M backing talented youth filmmakers and artists and allowing them the opportunity of financial and creative freedom they are directly benefiting the artistic and professional development of everyone involved in each project. Because this project was produced all 3 of us benefited immensely through further opportunities in the field. This project has directly led too us producing work for local business, gaining exposure to produce further works abroad, and on a personal note, my first job out of school as a brand video producer for a global clothing brand.

Programs like FORM are key to developing a new generation of contemporary filmmakers, and I am proud to say I was involved as a commissioned artist in its first year. I can’t wait to see how the festival grows and progresses and I am looking forward to attending next year!
— Dylan Maranda

Winterfeldplatz and elsewhere

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Francesca Frewer and Hector Palacois
Camera and Editing: Daniel O'Shea
Location: Berlin, Germany

Thanks to the Festival of Recorded Movement’s Commissioning Fund, myself and my collaborators were able to realize a project that we would not otherwise have had the opportunity to embark upon. The fee provided allowed us to travel to our desired locations and helped with subsistence during our week-long filming stint. Sophia and the team were very helpful and supportive in every way possible with the distance. Overall it was a very positive experience and I would not hesitate to participate again.
— Francesca Frewer

2015/16 Program Guide