Commissioning Artist Journals

Take a look into the process of the films that are being made as part of our Commissioning Fund Program. Films will be premiered at the festival September 21st!


Zarah Shahab - soft teeth

“I have been working on ironing out the practicalities of bringing imagined fantasies to materialization. I am working with Ileanna Cheladyn on designing costumes for the creatures in the film and have been collecting materials to create the installation once we are in the location, deciding that I am most interested in using found materials. I met with videographer/after effects specialist Arya Hawker to get more inside on the logistics of chroma keying and other affects that could be useful for the metaphysical explorations I am interested in creating. I am in the process of creating a story board and working with the dancers on scores that achieve the moments necessary to create some post-production filmic magic. Remaining open and curious while transforming imagination into the realities of time and space.”

June 1st, 2019


Tamar Tabori

“Dance and film aide us in understanding, exploring, and relishing in the idea of a normal not being normal. It allows for a means of finding comfort somewhere we weren’t initially comfortable. From December 2018 to May 2019, field footage from Thailand, Vietnam, and Israel have been collected for the process and final edit of this film. The improvised movement from said places will be used in the final choreography. The footage of landscapes will be incorporated as overlay, mixing past and present experiences into a cohesive look. Currently we're playing around with possible edits, effects, and styles! Getting excited for what's to come.”

May 25th, 2019


Jord Campbell and Ty Sloane

Jord and Ty are exploring a theme of sequins with movement that ties to the nightlife, queerness, and extravaganza that is tied with the world of sequins in our lives. As of yet the process has been building in an organic way where Ty picks a mode of filming, thus far doing a full film camera, 50 mm camera, and phone. In this process we're diving into who Quinn (Jord) is in SEE QUINN RUN by putting sequins in unexpected places. Thus far we've explored the melancholy, abstract, and fluid motions of Quinn in a public environment and in the bedroom.

May 25th, 2019
IG: @tjsloane , @xlqpopart , @hfitm


All Bodies Dance Project

Shooting and editing a first draft that will be shown at The Dance Centre on June 1-3 as part of All Bodies Dance Show. Working with music composer and reflecting on what to do next.

May 25th, 2019
IG: @allbodiesdance


Jenna Mazur

Early on, the process involved studio research where I tried to develop choreography that had a feeling of morning ritual, quietness and tender attention. I was feeling the process of coming into my body each day, and attending to my energy and the energy of the space. I reached out to Dane Armour to come onto the project as a key collaborator because I was intrigued by the animated images he was sharing. I wondered how we could bring dance and animation together in a film to elevate a tone or feeling. We brainstormed ideas and developed a concept to use handmade props and animation to physicalize the energy of the space and the magic that can be felt in the daily routines of working. Many meetings and a test shoot later, we have continued to define the concept, and have brought more individuals onto our team.

May 25th, 2019
IG: @jennaberlyn